Thursday, July 30, 2009

my last days of freedom

I only have 10 days of freedom summer left. What are my big plans you ask? Well I'll tell you.

**I want to sleep in until at least 8:00 every morning. Well except for Monday. That day we have to check in at the hospital at 6:30 for Nate to get botox injections in his hamstrings. But all the other days, I want to sleep in.

**Remember the summer list? We did almost everything on the list. Our camping trip was cancelled due to temperatures over 100 degrees on the one weekend we planned to go. Maybe we'll go this fall.
I'm hoping we can feed the ducks and go on a bike ride this week.
That will pretty much complete the list, I think.

**I'll be spending some time at the school getting my classroom ready for all the excited incoming third graders. This not so excited third grade teacher has lots of work ahead of her!!

**I'm hoping I can get to some thrift stores for some good finds for my classroom. I'd like some lamps, maybe a bar stool, and whatever other treasures may find me.

**I have a couple of sewing projects I'd like to get started on. After all, I now have the perfect workspace.
One is a dress for Delaney. There's a blogger who makes and sells these dresses on etsy, but as soon as she lists them, they are gone. Just like that. So I guess if I want one bad enough, I'll have to resort to getting out the ol' sewing machine. Here's an example of the dress. If you have a chance, read a little about this blogger. They lost their baby girl earlier this year after a very brief battle with cancer. Such a tragic story, but this mom and dad are a true inspiration.

I also want to make some onesies for Nate. He really needs them to keep his diaper on but I can't find any that fit. I'm thinking I want to make some that also have a little pocket for his g-tube so we don't have to unsnap him for feedings.

My last project is some more bibs for Nate. I'm thinking I can find some cute "big boy" fabric and back them with flannel to help with absorbancy.

So there you have it. My list for the last 10 days of freedom...ahem....summer.

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  1. I hope you find time to finish your list! We'll be back in the swing of things all too soon!

  2. Hey! Glad you signed up for the weight loss blog. Thank you!!! Lets talk about some groundwork for it. I need some advice on the point system and posting/comments guidelines in order to set it up for the blog.