Monday, September 8, 2008

Where does the time go?

I've really been MIA!!! Well we're back at school and on a new schedule/routine. Here's what's new:

Nate is in early childhood in the afternoons. It makes our lives so much less hectic for him to go in the afternoon. But he is having trouble staying awake, so we'll see if that gets better.

Bri is in 8th grade and is my little helper around here. She is so great with Delaney. In fact, sometimes I have to fight her for the baby! :-)

Delaney has adjusted well to me being at work. She takes 2 or 3 bottles a day and is eating rice cereal and some fruits and vegetables. I'm pumping at work at that is going well.

Alli is in 7th grade and is cheering. She had a first football game last week. Last week she also broke her arm and now has a cast on her right arm above her elbow. She broke the radius near the growth plate, but went 3 days with a broken arm (playing volleyball in gym and cheering) before we took her to the doctor. Poor kid. She's a tough one!!