Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 months

Today Delaney is 15 months!!
She can walk and run.
She can play pat-a-cake.
She can wave bye-bye and blow kisses.
She has 13 teeth.
She likes to color. And she loves to swing.

Delaney doesn't talk much. But she listens and observes and takes it all in. When she wants something she points and grunts and then we play this wonderful guessing game of listing things she might want. And she responds by shaking her head no (for no) or giggling (for yes). So a typical conversation with Delaney might go like this:

me: do you want to read a book?
d: shakes head
me: do you want to play with your baby?
d: shakes head
me: do you want a drink?
d: shakes head
me: you want to swing?
d: huge grin and giggles

Yes, the girl loves to swing!!


  1. What a little dolly. She has the BEST smile ever. I wonder who that little cutie in the background is? ;)

    Love the pink swing BTW.


  2. What an adorable grin she has!! It makes me giggle just watching her! Brooklyn loves to swing to. She laughs and laughs!

    Great pics!