Sunday, September 18, 2011

second attempt at the zoo…success!

zoo1 zoo2



zoo4 zoo6

We had a great day! The weather was wonderful…overcast and cool. The animals were out and active. Fall is definitely the BEST time to go to the zoo!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

labor day

We celebrated my dad’s birthday on Labor Day. Which was his actual birthday.






I took advantage of the beautiful weather and snapped some pictures of the kids. Check out the sidebar for my 2011 picture of the kids. Oh, how they’ve grown!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

zoo trip…fail!!!

This summer we bought a season pass to the zoo. Unfortunately for us, it was too hot this summer to take advantage of our purchase. So when we saw the forecast for this weekend, we decided it would be a perfect day to go to the zoo.

Delaney was uber-excited! So imagine her devastation when we pulled into the parking lot to find that the zoo was CLOSED!! It’s open 364 days a year and closes one day to prepare for their big fancy fundraiser. And that’s the day we choose. Really??? It felt like we were part of a Chevy Chase movie.

Since we had a sitter for Nate for the day, we had a quick brainstorming session and finally settled on going to a nearby park. Initially, Delaney was not a willing participant. Until she actually saw the park and all its awesomeness.











It may not have been the zoo, but the day wasn’t a total failure. And who knows. Maybe we’ll make it to the zoo next weekend.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

first day of preschool

Well the day finally arrived. Delaney has been looking forward to starting school for months. We celebrated Papa’s birthday yesterday, and today she got to go to her school.

She woke up with ease this morning. She was in a great mood and didn’t even fuss about having her hair sprayed and brushed (the woes of having curly hair). Then we headed out front with her back pack for a couple of pictures. And it was chilly. And she decided she needed a jacket. And then the melt-down began.

IMG_8407 IMG_8410

IMG_8416 IMG_8419

After the little melt-down, we went in and she was happier. And she had a great first day of school.

Monday, September 5, 2011

one last hurrah before fall arrives




Delaney and I had a great time swimming at the Y this summer. It was officially the hottest summer in history for the Wichita area. We had 53 triple digit days, beating the old record of 50 days. So swimming was the best way to spend our time. Last weekend we enjoyed one last sweltering day at the pool.

Now we are loving the cooler temps which arrived yesterday. I hope they are here to stay!!