Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sidewalk Art

When I was a kid, the only kind of sidewalk chalk was a white rock. Remember those? You'd search your parents' or neighbors' rock gardens and find a white rock. And then you scratched the driveway with it until you had some sort of markings.

Well, sidewalk chalk has come a long way, baby!!
Our cute neighbor girls brought over their box of sidewalk chalk and the kids had a blast drawing and writing. And our driveway has never been more lovely!

Did you know you can even buy 3-D sidewalk chalk? I'll admit I was a skeptic, but it really does work!
Allison is wearing the lovely green glasses that allow you to see your art in three dimensions.

I'm such a great mom! That's Brianna's dinner...ramen noodles. Beef. She made them herself. And ate them on the driveway. Notice the cell phone ready for receiving texts.

Cody got some new wheels this week.
I've known Cody his whole life.
He and Allison are the same age.
It's been fun seeing him grow into a young man.

I was very impressed with Megan and Morgan's artistic abilities in writing their names in puffy letters. I told them that some of my 3rd graders have trouble with that.
I'm so glad these kids are our neighbors! Their sister, Taylor, was missing on this particular night.
All the kids play so well together.
They better not ever move!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summit Park...CHECK

I was a brave momma today and took the kids to Summit Park. It's a fully accessible park. Check that off our summer list!

Taking four children anywhere is no easy feat. Add to that a very active toddler and a six year old in a wheelchair, and you have a day out that I absolutely dread!
I rarely go anywhere with Nate without Jeremy. His wheelchair alone weighs nearly 60 lbs. And since we don't have a lift or ramp for our van, I have to lift it out of the back and transfer Nate from carseat to wheelchair. It's quite a chore.
But the girls were a huge help and Bri and I were able to maneuver the wheelchair without any major mishaps (or strained backs).

The playground has ramps throughout the equipment. Their slogan is "Where every child can play." What a great idea! Our school district's adaptive PE teacher was an integral person in developing this park. This was our first visit and I was quite impressed!

Allison took charge of Nate.

And Brianna took charge of Delaney.

Nate could play these chimes with his feet. He loves music and enjoyed hearing the chimes.

These swings are great (except the harness was broken). Swinging is the one thing Nate can do at school. They ordered a special swing for him, similar to this one and he really enjoys that.

Delaney enjoyed the swing too!
Dad, you really need to put up the kids' swing set!!

Then we finished off our outing with a trip to Freddy's. Yum! Even Delaney says "mmmmm".
She likes to wad up a napkin or kleenex and wipe her nose and mouth.

I know this is gross, but I thought it was funny.

And so did Delaney!

And you can't go to Freddy's without getting frozen custard.
Mini hot fudge sundae for me and Delaney (to share) and single dip waffle cone for Bri.
Allison passed on dessert. No wonder she's so skinny!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Kids' Rooms

This week I'll take you on a tour of our kids' rooms. Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog has an awesome nursery that you must check out. But go there after you see my rooms, because I don't want to be compared to a showcase bedroom!!! :)
First stop, Brianna's room.
Now let me just remind you, I'm keeping it real folks!
Bri's room looked to be in pretty good shape, especially for her.
This is the view of her room from the entrance. She's in the basement and doesn't exactly have a door. She does have a safety gate at the top of the stairs though. That's practically a door, right?

This is the view from the other side of the room. Isn't that door under the stairs the cutest? It hides all my Christmas decorations. If I was a better mom, I'd clear out the decorations and make it a fun little "clubhouse" or something.
Those walls were dark paneling so I used this cool wallpaper that you tear off into pieces and they stick to anything. Even paneling.

Notice the flute in the middle of the floor. I suppose it's been there since the last day of school. And the trash on the floor is a nice touch, don't you think? I guess it's too much work to actually put it in the trash can. Easier to just set it on the floor next to the trash can.

Hopefully she cleaned off her bed (code for - threw everything on the floor) before going to sleep last night.
Now we'll head to Nate's room.
He absolutely loves baseball. Especially the KC Royals
So we did a baseball theme in his room.
This is the view of Nate's room as you walk in.
We had to special order this bed for Nate. It's perfect for him. The rail folds down so we can easily get him in and out of bed. But then keeps him safe when he's sleeping.

Another view of the bed. And I added some labels for some of his medical equipment.

This is the other side of his room. We keep all his medical supplies in that storage unit. And his closet is packed from floor to ceiling with supplies. I really need to do some decluttering in there!
Last stop on the tour is Allison's and Delaney's room.
It was really difficult to decorate and set up a room for a teenager and a baby.

This is the view from the doorway...Delaney's side of the room.
My mom bought the dresser at a yard sale when I was pregnant with Brianna. We painted it white and I used it for Bri and Alli. Then I repainted it and added the pink knobs when I was pregnant with Delaney. It's perfect for a changing table.
I got the baby bed from my cousin. I love all the storage!
I'm thinking about hanging a big "D" painted brown above her bed. I have a picture in my mind of what I want. Now if only I can find it at Hobby Lobby!!
This is Allison's closet. We moved her chest of drawers in here to free up more space in the bedroom.
That poster above her closet is the 7th grade boys basketball team. Oyyyy!!

And this is Allison's side of the room. She has a trundle for when friends spend the night. But when you share a room with a baby, the family room couches are so much better!
Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Thanks Kelly for hosting this weekly adventure!

Summer List

I got this idea from Meg at Whatever. You really should check out her blog. It's amazing. She's amazing. I thoroughly enjoy keeping tabs on her family.
Anyway, I saw this last summer and thought it would be a great idea. I love to check things off a list!
My family was less than enthusiastic, to put it nicely.
But I forced encouraged each of them to come up with at least one idea. Can you guess what Jeremy wants to do this summer?
We didn't fill our page, so if we come up with any new ideas I'll add them. And I'll let you know how much we accomplish.
I think they are all doable.
There's only one thing I'm unexcited about.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Throw Away Thursday

So my friend Kristine at I Love You More Than Peanut Butter (isn't that just the cutest blog title?) has a weekly challenge: Set your timer for 30 minutes and throw away 100 items.
And since I'm in the throw away mood lately, this is one challenge I can do!
Today was Allison's room. This is the trash we collected. One Hundred pieces of trash from her room!

And this is the box of items to be marked for the garage sale.
And just to let you know, we filled another trash sack and our garage sale pile became a mountain. We worked hard. And her room is clean and decluttered and it feels great!
Thanks Kristine!

Writer's Workshop

So I decided to try a writing prompt today. Mama Kat at Mama's Losin' It has a weekly choice of prompts so I thought I'd jump on board.

Today's topic: Ten things that make you happy (not necessarily in this order)
  1. my kids
  2. my hubby
  3. clean sheets
  4. chicken poop (the chapstick, people!)
  5. chocolate
  6. a good book
  7. Jesus
  8. a healthy family
  9. good report cards (those came out yesterday)
  10. new shoes

What makes you happy?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This and That

Just a fair warning...this post is ridiculously pic heavy!!! Hey what can I say? I like playing around with my camera!!

I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning/decluttering. I still have a ton more to do. But I got a great start while I'm still motivated.

Linen closet/medicine cabinet before...
even my sewing basket is a disaster!
and after...

school supply drawer
craft supply drawer

Allison got some silly string for her birthday and couldn't wait to take Nate out to play with it. I think she was more excited about it than he was!!

The neighbor girls and my girls hung out yesterday afternoon. The weather was perfect for playing outside with friends!

And we finished off the day with a beautiful sunset.
I totally ripped this idea off from my friend Ann. Only hers is a hundred times cooler. You can check it at at her blog, Jack's Journey.