Sunday, February 28, 2010

happy birthday, mom!!


We had a nice weekend helping my mom celebrate her birthday. Today after church, we all went to eat at the local mexican restaurant. And they made her wear a big sombrero and put flan on her face. Classy!! No pics…I love you too much, Mom!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thank you for being such great example of what a mom should be.

I did snap a few photos today…just nothing embarrassing.




Sunday, February 21, 2010


Being a parent brings on many challenges. With 4 kids, I should know. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, with each child comes its own new set of challenges.

With Brianna, it was climbing out of bed and biting.

With Allison, well…that was a blur because I had two little ones, so close in age. And I was going to school full-time. She must have raised herself for all I can remember.

With Nate, it was learning all about his medical needs and disabilities.

And with Delaney, where do I even begin?

One of my most recent motherhood challenges is undressing. Delaney is obsessed with removing her clothes. It started several months ago when she realized she could unzip her blanket sleepers in the morning while she waited for mommy and daddy to wake up. We’d come into her room to find her stripped down naked and often, soaking wet.

Nothing a little safety pin through the zipper pull couldn’t fix.

But now it’s happening at naptime. She takes off her pants, removes her diaper, puts her pants back on (sometimes inside out) and then wakes up soaking wet. This has happened twice in 3 days. What’s a worn out mom to do? We’re going to try pull-ups at naptime and see if that makes a difference. If not, my next idea is duct tape. It does come in fashionable colors, at least!

My other Delaney challenge is hair twirling. As cute as it is to see her suck her thumb and twirl her hair, the result is less than adorable. Let me tell you, this girl not only twirls her hair, she weaves it into a tight knot. And so now, not once, but twice I’ve had to cut out a chunk of hair. I don’t know how she expects to grow long, beautiful locks if I have to keep chopping it off!

Even with all the challenges, motherhood is so worth it. Yes, it can be exhausting, but if it weren’t for all their orneriness, what would I ever blog about?

Monday, February 15, 2010

romance is overrated anyway


We really aren’t big on going out for Valentine’s Day. In fact, I don’t think we’ve been out on February 14 since before we were  married. No need to fight the crowds at the restaurants. I’d rather fix a nice meal, rent a movie and stay in.

But this year we actually did go out for V Day. We had a date with this guy:


Wu Shock.

I bought Jeremy tickets to the game for Christmas. Sealing my Valentine’s Date!

The Shockers won. Barely. But it always makes for a more pleasant drive home after a victory.

Then to top off our romantic evening, we hit the Burger King drive-thru. And that’s ok, because romance is a bit overrated once you become a parent.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

did you know…


that I hate going new places?

I get very nervous if I have to go somewhere new. When I was in college, I would go to the campus before the first day of classes and walk around until I found each classroom. I’m ok with new places, as long as I’m with someone else. Like going to a farmer’s market. Or trying a new restaurant. Or going to the new Y. But on my own, I’m a nervous wreck.

that I dislike making phone calls?

Now I don’t mind talking to a friend or my mom. But I hate calling to make appointments. Or to straighten out an incorrect bill. Or argue with insurance or medical supply companies. I leave those phone calls to Jeremy.

that my husband does all the laundry?

I think the laundry duty started when Jeremy was going to school full-time and working part-time, which left him at home 2 or 3 days during the week. And so he would do the laundry during those days. Well, it’s just stuck. I think he has certain ways he wants to do things and doesn’t like my system, so it’s his little control thing. Fine by me! It’s like having a little magical fairy that delivers clean undies to my drawer every weekend.

that I’m a particular eater?

I prefer the label “particular” over picky. I’m not a huge fan of bread. I’ll eat rolls or croissants or crusty french-type breads. But no sandwich bread or hamburger buns for me. I hate bananas but wish I liked them. I think that’s the only fruit I don’t like. I like banana bread but not plain bananas. Raisins are gross. There’s nothing worse than raisins ruining perfectly good oatmeal cookies!! I don’t drink milk and therefore don’t eat cereal. But granola bars work fine for breakfast for me.

that I’ve had to lie to my husband on more than one occasion regarding the ingredients in certain meals?

That’s because he’s picky!! Especially with cheese. Mild cheddar or mozzarella only. Kroger brand. No sour cream. No cream cheese. And heaven forbid someone might throw some Velveeta in there. And do you know how many good great recipes call for cheeses other than mild cheddar? So I used to hide the recipe card, bury the containers in the trash and lie. Now I pretty much modify the recipes to fit his preferences or make two separate dishes. That’s what a great wife I am!

that I rarely cry?

And sometimes that’s nice because I can hold my composure (or at least pretend like I am). But sometimes, like at funerals, I feel guilty if I don’t cry. Like people with think I don’t have a heart. But I assure you, I do have a heart. And lots of compassion. And I do grieve. Just in my own way. And once in awhile, you might actually see my eyes well up. Especially if I’m watching a Nicholas Sparks’ movie.

So there’s a few random things about me that you may not have already known. If you did, then sorry to have bored you and I’ll try to come up with something exciting and new for next time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

help for haiti

school 005 

Our school collects pennies during February every year and uses that money to support a charity.

This year, it was decided that some of the money would go to help the people of Haiti.

school 010

So my grade level partner and I decided to have our students put together health kits to send to Haiti. The students brought in items and we used our penny donations to purchase the rest.

school 012

They filled the kits with soap, toothbrushes, washcloths, hand towels, nail files, combs and band-aids.

school 014

The kids enjoyed making the kits and were excited to be able to help the people of Haiti.

school 017

The kids made 36 health kits. They were dropped off at a local church and will be sent out through another organization.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

oh say can you see

The Eighth Grade Girls’ Choir kicked off the basketball games (and “white-out event) by singing The National Anthem. They sang a cappella and did a fantastic job!!

IMG_3769 IMG_3770

In case you’re wondering…white-out is when they fill the stands with everyone wearing white. And check out Allison’s lovely display of blue and white school spirit plastered across her face. Only a teenager could pull off that look!

Monday, February 8, 2010

more winter weather

The only thing worse than going to bed hoping for expecting a snow day and then not getting “the call,” is waking up to find out that your husband, who teaches in a different school district, is getting a snow day and you’re not.

I laid in bed, watching the news ticker display every school closing in the area (except mine) with profound displeasure. Finally, at 6:00, I decided to give in to the unfair hand I’d been dealt and get in the shower.

And at that exact moment, I heard the most beautiful sound in the world…the phone ringing to announce that our school was closed as well! Yippee!! Just in the nick of time…I mean who wants to waste a perfectly good lazy day by starting off with a shower?

IMG_3786 IMG_3778

IMG_3773 IMG_3785

It’s a beautiful snow. Wet and heavy on the branches. The streets aren’t bad, but more snow is expected throughout the day. I will enjoy the beauty from inside my house. Curled up in my chair, reading.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

going “all in”

Jeremy hosts a monthly poker game with a group of friends and family members. It’s pretty much the equivalent of Bunco, as far as “gambling” goes.

This summer, Jeremy decided to build a poker table, which was a huge undertaking. But as usual, his efforts impressed even me. Who knew how handy he actually was!!!

Funny story…during the building process, Jeremy needed to borrow some tools from my grandma’s shed. And because he didn’t want to possibly offend her by letting her know he was building a poker table, he told her he was building a table. So she was very curious about this piece of furniture he was building. My mom spilled the beans. And Grandma wasn’t even offended.

See, he’s handy and considerate!




Delaney was checking out the table prior to the weekend game.

No worries, no actual gambling took place while taking these pictures!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

playmate…come out and play with me

Well, that might actually be pushing it. But, Delaney and Hayden are beginning to interact a little more. I wouldn’t say they seek each other out, but they don’t mind the other playing nearby. Hopefully, as they get older, they’ll learn to develop a deep appreciation for having a cousin so close in age.

IMG_3709 IMG_3708

IMG_3713 IMG_3714

The two cousins enjoyed coloring together. And Delaney even shared “her” crayons with Hayden! Sharing is something she’s going to have to learn how to do.



Monday, February 1, 2010

sledding with papa

Hayden was not a willing participant in sledding.
So we didn't make him go down.

Delaney was a semi-cooperative participant in sledding.
Not exactly her cup of tea. But she accepted her fate and slid down the hill with grace.

The view from my parents' backyard was gorgeous at sunset!!