Saturday, October 12, 2013

homecoming weekend

What a busy couple of days! Last night was homecoming and a very special night for our beautiful daughter, Allison.

IMG_4567 IMG_4573 IMG_4575 IMG_4582 IMG_4586 IMG_4589

She was partnered with Jacob, who is a long-time friend since kindergarten. Plus his mom is one of my co-workers and best friends, so we were quite excited!


No, Allison wasn’t voted as queen, but we couldn’t be more proud!

IMG_4601 IMG_4612 IMG_4617


This morning, we wrapped up the homecoming festivities with a parade.

 IMG_4658 IMG_4661 IMG_4662 IMG_4663

It was weird not having Bri in the band!

IMG_4668 IMG_4669 IMG_4671

Lincoln elementary kids and staff walked in the parade. Not me though. Someone had to take pictures!


My niece, Kodi, with the little league football players.


My sister in law, Jessica. Always the diva. (Love ya, Jess!!)

IMG_4676 IMG_4678 .

IMG_4679 IMG_4680


Today was also Delaney’s last soccer game of the season. She started the season slow, but greatly improved by the end.

IMG_4627 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4638

She was close to scoring a few times. And was a fast runner. IMG_4641

She made some great goal kicks.


And saved at least 3 goals.

IMG_4648 IMG_4653 IMG_4655

Another season has come to an end. What will we ever do on Saturday mornings? Oh yeah, maybe sleep!