Sunday, November 17, 2013

mid-november catch-up

I do so much of my “computer stuff” on my iPad (my work provided it) that I rarely even use our computer. Which means I rarely blog anymore. I always intend to do better. And apparently I continue to fail! Hopefully I still have a faithful reader or two out there. If not, I suppose I at least have a record of our lives for posterity!

Photo 2 (3) Photo 4 (1)

Dorothy and the scarecrow!

Photo 5 (2)

Dorothy and her friend, a beautiful princess!

Photo 11 (1)

The scarecrow and his policeman friend.

Photo 12 (1)Photo 6 (1) 

Halloween was on a Thursday and there happened to be a home football game that night. So we went to Trunk or Treat before the game. Poor Delaney was ready to go knocking on doors at 9:00 when we got home from the game.

Photo 2 (4)  

It was the last home football game and Senior Night. The other dancers gave Allison a muffin basket. She was thrilled! I think she’d choose food over flowers any day!

Photo 18

We’ve had a fairly uneventful November, which is always a good thing around here! If you’ve been on Facebook this month, you’ve probably seen a billion daily thankful posts. For some reason these annoy the heck out of me. Not because I’m not thankful, but I just don’t see the need for everyone to post that they’re thankful for their family, their job, their house, etc. Needless to say, no thankful posts from me. But I did decide to do a “thankful” banner with Delaney. She tells me something she’s thankful for and I write it on a leaf and clip it to our banner. Teaching thankfulness to a five year old is harder than I thought. But my very favorite thankful leaf is “I’m thankful for kisses, nose kisses and hugs.” So precious! And I know she won’t be thankful for those kisses for very much longer! I need to cherish them while I can.