Tuesday, January 25, 2011

trading spaces

We’ve been busy around here with a little bedroom swapping. We did some redecorating in the basement and moved Allison down with Bri. Sharing a room with a two year old just wasn’t working too well for Allison. Every night, instead of going to sleep, Delaney would scavenge around and find make-up. Or hair accessories. Or school work. So I convinced Allison to make a move and I think it is going to be great!

I didn’t include any before pictures. They wouldn’t have been pretty. Trust me.


This is the girls’ closet. We kept it open. Hopefully it will stay {somewhat} organized. And we still need to get an area rug for the floor in front of the closet.


Allison’s is the daybed. We are going to get a white metal headboard for Bri’s bed.


This is the view of the stairs. The cute little door hides all my Christmas decorations.

And with Allison’s move to the basement, came Delaney’s “new room”.


It’s the same room, with a big bed. And she is so proud of it!


I still have some work to do in here. Pictures for the wall and an area rug for starters.

So that’s what’s been goin’ on around here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This post is ridiculously full of pictures. That’s you’re warning. You are free to skip this post if you are not family! :)

We went to Springfield to my grandma’s house during Christmas vacation. Last year, hardly anyone could make it because of bad weather. So it was great to see my cousins that I hadn’t seen in 2 years!


The great-grandkids…very close in age. Poor Hayden. I think this is one of the only tantrums I’ve ever seen from him. He’s always so calm and easy going. But he wanted no part of getting his picture taken.




But you can see that he is all better and back to his old happy self. And this is my cousin Liza and her husband, Jesus. Their son Burton is just 2 months younger than Delaney and was talking up a storm the whole weekend. I think he actually taught Delaney a thing or two about the usefulness of using words.






Delaney was so excited to get these dress up clothes from grandma.



This is my cousin Abie and his wife Janelle. Their daughter Chloe is a little over a year old.




Aunt Sally, Aunt Julie, Grandma, Aunt Susan and Dad


All the grandkids…



Burton was having fun checking out Nate.


And of course Delaney wanted in on it.


I just love this picture!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

state dance

Allison’s dance team traveled to Olathe for a state dance competition. The team went up early Friday but they didn’t dance as a team until Saturday. My mom and I headed up Saturday morning, thinking we had more than enough time to make it for their 3 performances. However, unbeknownst to me, there was a schedule change. Which wasn’t communicated with me. So I get a phone call from Allison when we are about an hour away. She was in a panic because they had already performed twice!

We made it for the final performance. I was so disappointed to have missed the other two. Hopefully this was a lesson on communication for several people!! :)





The girls earned 4 trophies. They looked great and I was glad to have made it up to see at least one of their dances!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

first movie

We took Delaney to her first movie over the weekend. Her first movie in a theater, that is. We saw Tangled and knew it was perfect for her…about a princess with loooooong hair.

I still remember going to a movie in the theater for the first time. Star Wars. The original. I was 3 and it was a big deal to go to a movie. I don’t know how long I lasted, but I think I slept through most of it.

Delaney was a good girl during the movie. Our friends from across the street ended up sitting next to us, so she was mooching candy from the twins part of the time. But mostly she sat still and watched. And ate popcorn and candy. And then, like her momma, she slept.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

good times


I spent the last week of my Christmas break potty training. Fun, right?

So Delaney has been running around the house all week in a shirt and undies and sometimes plastic pants (for when she wants to sit on my lap). I guess Delaney was getting a little nervous about possible puddles around the house, because I came home from an errand and found her wearing these boots. They really do add to the ensemble, don’t ya think?

So far, she’s done ok. We’re down to just a couple of accidents a day. Just a little tinkle in her undies before she tells me she has to pee. She’s really good at holding it, I think. A skill that will serve her well in her future. Especially if she decides to be a teacher!

To add to our fun this week, our dryer quit working. On Christmas Eve. Great timing!! Fortunately, it’s under warranty. Unfortunately, no one in town stocks the part we need so it will be a few more days before it’s fixed. So we’ve been running baskets of wet clothes to our parents’ houses. I kind of feel like we should be dropping off a roll of quarters with our laundry!

Nothing like a pile of wet undies and no dryer to brighten your day!! At least pictures like this can make me smile.