Thursday, September 30, 2010

ages and stages

With four kids, whose ages span 13 years, life can get crazy with their varying milestones. One is moving to a big bed. Two are driving. One is in first grade. Two are in high school. When Delaney starts kindergarten, Brianna will be heading off to college, as Allison begins her senior year. But now I’m getting a bit ahead of myself…

I have one kid who clings to me nonstop. The second I step through the door, I’m inundated with cries of “Mom” with arms held high for me to pick her up. It’s nearly impossible for me to have a minute to myself. Even to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness for doorknob covers!! Whoever invented those things…you’re a genius!

And I have another kid who avoids me like the plague. No doubt, I’m a complete embarrassment to her. But does she have to be so obvious about it?

Shockingly enough, my eldest agreed to go on a walk with me this week. I was eager to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. And the opportunity to chat with my girl was just a bonus. However, after just a short distance, I angered her (which I seem to do rather easily these days) and I spent the rest of our walk about 10 yards ahead of her, as she walked as slowly as humanly possible. In fact, I think a turtle passed her at one point. So what started out as nice, quality time ended up being  less than optimal.

But moments like those remind me how I should enjoy and appreciate the toddler years even more. At least someone still adores me. And wants to be with me all the time. And I just need to take advantage of that because as we know, she too will eventually become a teenager who wants nothing to do with me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

another milestone


The baby bed is gone and we are now in a big girl bed. Ghetto style! She is currently using Allison’s trundle and doesn’t have bedding. The room is in need of rearranging/redecorating. But it’s a work in progress and a step in the right direction.

Now if I could only get the potty training underway…

Saturday, September 25, 2010

a much better way to spend the weekend

My last post told all about our horrible weekend with sewer back-up in our backyard. Which was followed by Bri’s car breaking down and needing a new alternator. Followed by Bri dropping her phone in her ramen noodles. Hopefully she has now learned the dangers of texting and eating. It really should be outlawed! But this weekend is off to a MUCH better start.

Today was free museum day, so we took advantage of something free, especially after all the expenses we’ve had in the past week. My mom and I took Delaney to Botanica. I took a TON of pictures, so hopefully it’s not an overload for you!



IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6131

IMG_6134 IMG_6145


IMG_6148 IMG_6151


IMG_6156 IMG_6158

IMG_6162 IMG_6163

IMG_6167 IMG_6172

IMG_6176 IMG_6178

IMG_6179 IMG_6186




IMG_6198 IMG_6216

IMG_6221 IMG_6224


IMG_6229 IMG_6230


It was the most beautiful, perfect day to be outside. A great way to end a crummy week/start a new weekend!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

weekend recap…the good, the bad and the truly disgusting

Another weekend has come to an end. A fairly busy weekend, at that.

Friday night we headed to the high school football game. Another loss for our team. Boo. But truth be told, I’m there to socialize and watch the band and dance team at half-time. And I must say they both performed better than the football team.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to hit a huge consignment sale. And I scored. Big! Delaney will be well-dressed for another season. Thank you second-hand clothing sales!

Saturday also happened to be Jeremy’s birthday. So for the next six months we will be the same age. That’s the way I like it. He wanted to grill steaks for his birthday dinner so Delaney was hanging out in the backyard while he was out back preparing our meal. Something yucky caught her eye and she said, “Ewwww.” Ewwww was an understatement. Her Little Tykes picnic table was surrounded by a moat of crap. Literally. Sewer back up in our backyard. Ewwww Ewwww Ewwww!

So we spent Sunday waiting for the plumber to show up to clean out our sewer line. Turns out it was full of tree roots. One of the disadvantages of living in an older house in an older neighborhood. A very yucky disadvantage.

The weekend ended on a good note, with family helping us celebrate Jeremy’s birthday with chocolate cupcakes.

Now it’s back to reality. Spanish tests, lesson plans, papers to grade. But hopefully all the crap from this weekend is behind us!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it’s important to always look your best

To have the perfect pair of shoes. And accessories. You’re never too young to learn about these things!

IMG_6056 IMG_6057


It’s especially important when you have big plans. Like hanging out in the backyard.

IMG_6064 IMG_6068

IMG_6075 IMG_6077

Or maneuvering the downspout to reach your destination. (Why she chose that spot to “cross over” the yard, I’ll never understand. Maybe the girl just likes a challenge.)



Yes, you always want to look your best. Even if you’re just swinging in the backyard.

Thank you Molly for the fabulous accessories. Delaney is having a ball!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

teen drivers

It’s always nerve-wracking to send your teenager out on the road for the first time. Without you. Heck it’s nerve-wracking when you are in the car. But I’m a control person. I like to be in control at all times. And even just sitting in the passenger seat while my kid is driving is enough control to put me at ease. Most of the time.

Brianna has been driving to school for about 3 weeks now. And I think it’s going pretty well. So far I’ve had one phone call that her car won’t start and she thinks she needs a new engine. Yeah, she knows about as much about cars as Jeremy and I do. Turns out she drained her battery when she left the lights on all day. Ok, so Jeremy and I know a just a little bit more about cars than she does! So after a new battery, the car is good as new (well, not quite, but it starts) and she is back in business.

And I think she’s done ok on the roads. We are about 3 blocks from the school, but we make her take the long way, so she only has to make right hand turns. My little way to control things.


Yeah, that’s Allison in the back seat. Turns out someone told her the safest place in the car is behind the driver. So that’s where she chooses to sit. Her little way to control things, I guess.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

photo shoot…why must it always be so painful?

It’s virtually impossible for me to get a decent picture of all 4 of my kids at the same time. And after listening to teenagers complain about laying in the grass and having to change their shirts and dealing with a toddler who didn’t want to cooperate, I was ready to give up completely and call it a day after a couple of attempts.

But we made it through, barely, and got some good pictures of all the kids, just not at the same time. Someone always had their eyes closed or were looking the other away.

Maybe someday, by some miracle, they will humor me in my attempt to capture a photo of them. Together.









And that’s a wrap!