Wednesday, June 24, 2009

worlds of fun

On our last night in KC, we headed to Worlds of Fun. They have cheaper tickets if you go after 4:00 and it was wonderful because it wasn't crowded. We hardly had to wait in any lines. And sometimes we were the only ones on a particular ride.

Allison is NOT a thrill seeker, so she spent most of the time hanging out with Delaney and Nate (and me).

On the other hand...Jeremy and Bri LOVED the rollercoasters!

This was more my speed!!

And Nate was a trooper! He never once fussed the whole evening. He loves watching people!

It's pretty scary to think she could be driving in a few months!! I emphasize could. Because she WON'T!!

Allison did like the water rides. This is what they looked like after riding several times in a row.

And we were all giving a THUMBS-UP when Delaney finally gave in and fell asleep!!

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