Monday, June 22, 2009

take me out to the ball game

We pretty much planned our whole trip to Kansas City around going to a Royals baseball game.
Nate loves to watch baseball.
We have to save games on our DVR so he'll have something to watch all winter. It gets to the point that we can all quote every commentary because we've see the same game so many times. We decided that Nate needed to see an actual game in person.
Because of handicap accessibility and seating, we purchased our tickets back in March. The tickets were mailed to us and I tucked them away in a safe spot, just waiting for our vacation.

We arrived in KC on Monday and the game was on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening we were resting in our hotel room and all of a sudden I realized that I someone forgot to pack the TICKETS!!! I was sick to my stomach.
We called my mom and she agreed to meet us in halfway and bring the tickets to us. But then Jeremy decided to call the stadium and just see if there was anything else we could do. Well apparently lots of people lose or forget their tickets because that was one of the options on the automated machine. They were able to look up our information and print new tickets for us to pick up at will call. Phew!!

That was the mishap I mentioned previously. A pretty big one, but it all worked out!!

We had great seats! And it was dollar night at the stadium. Hot dogs, peanuts and pop were all $1!! Can't beat that!
And Greinke was pitching...Jeremy was super excited about that!

We couldn't all sit together because of the handicap seating. But we could still yell at each other to communicate. Our section was pretty empty, which was also nice!!

Look at all those peanut shells!! I think most of them were under Bri's seat!
Even though the Royals got beat by the Diamondbacks, we had a great time. Allison said she thinks she'll start watching baseball!!

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  1. I wonder if she's going to start watching because the players are so good looking? ha.

    Looks like so much fun!!!