Saturday, June 13, 2009

i'm learning

I happened to meet our high school's art/photography teacher at a professional meeting a couple of weeks ago and she was generous enough with her time to teach me a few things! I know I have a lot of practicing to do, but it was fun to go out and and take some pictures of a couple of my kiddos (Bri was at a church league softball game and Nate was home with grandma). Here are just a few of the pictures I captured:

She kept laying down on the grass. Silly girl!

I had to give her my keys to keep her happy. WHATEVER it takes to make her happy! :)

This is one of my favorites. Not so crazy about the background though.

And another favorite.

Thanks, Audra!! I appreciate you giving up an evening to talk cameras!


  1. Does this mean you are going to give lessons???

    Great pics!

  2. It was fun! I'm glad you got some good shots.