Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girls' Day Out

I had a fun day out with my mother-in-law, Vicki and my sister-in-law, Jessica! We left the kids and guys at home (or work) and headed to the big city Wichita to the Symphony Home Tour. Every year there is a home tour and the proceeds go to the symphony.

This year's tour was of 4 brownstone townhouses...3 stories each, plus a basement. I'm glad I don't have to climb those stairs everyday!!!

So these homes were not really the type of home that we would ever live in. I mean, a 3 story house is just not practical for a kid in a wheelchair. Even with the elevator, not the greatest floor plan. But it was still lots of fun to see how they were decorated. Of course I had to take some pictures!
I love these sinks! Someday, when we have lots of extra money, I want to redo our main bathroom. Right now we have a very unattractive vanity...very 60's! You'll see what I mean on Friday when I do our bathroom tours. So, when "someday" comes, I want a vanity like this!

I thought this was a clever idea. It's a little foot stool that's been covered in fabric like a present with a button where the fabric comes together. I think you could even build a cube out of wood and put a cushion on top and then cover it like this.
Oh, Jeremy...I think I have another project for your list!

Here's a good idea for some extra seating. It would be really cute as a bench seat in a dining room. Again, it could be made from wood and either covered with fabric or just painted and then put cushions on top. Then the backs are just simple cushions hanging from a decorative curtain rod. How easy is that?

This is a paned mirror with a valance hanging at the top. Gives a small room a little depth. This was actually in the laundry room. Cute way to decorate a small space!

Here's a clever addition to a throw pillow...add a big, gaudy pin!! You could probably find these at flea markets and thrift stores.

And finally, a picture of us 3 girls.
Thanks for the fun day!!


  1. I love your blog--and I even get to be in it once in awhile!:) The ideas you highlighted are exactly the ones that most caught my eye--we must have similar tastes! Not so surprising really; after all, we both love Jeremy!:) Yes, thank YOU for the fun day out (and thanks to Jeremy for babysitting)--let's try to make the Symphony Home Tour an annual event! Vicki

  2. OOOOH thank you for sharing this too! I have always wanted to do this tour and it sneaks up on me and I never get to go. I really enjoyed the pictures.