Tuesday, September 22, 2009

school spirit

Delaney absolutely loves to go on walks. If I even mention the word "walk," she heads to the door. She's a great rider and waves to people and sometimes even sings herself to sleep.

On Thursday, Allison was cheering at a football game. And since the stadium is within walking distance, we killed two birds with one stone.
We got in our exercise AND supported our favorite cheerleader.

Delaney was all kicked back and ready to go with her feet propped up and raisins in hand. She knows how to enjoy a good ride!

Delaney will be a great cheerleader someday (if her daddy doesn't turn her into a soccer star). She loved clapping for the team!

And she was very intrigued by the bluejay mascot.
Until she had an opportunity to get up close and personal.
I guess I'd be intimidated by a giant furry bird too!


  1. So sweet!! She reminds me of you in her Bluejay cheer uniform!!

  2. Zoe is a good rider too. I have thought about taking her to my old high school for a football game to see how she would do before it gets too cold. What do you think? Love the pictures. I secretly hope Zoe is a cheerleader as I was in high school and I loved it but I will support her in whatever she wants to do.