Friday, September 4, 2009

oh, how we love shoes!!

I must confess...I am a shoe girl.
I can't help it. My mom made me that way!
And I prefer quantity over quality. Because a girl truly can never have too many pairs of black shoes! Why doesn't my husband understand this concept??

I have passed the shoe-loving onto my girls and starting at a young age they like to buy shoes, play dress up in shoes and wear mommy's too-big shoes.
Back when Allison was in early elementary school, she wanted a pair of shoes from Wal Mart. No, she didn't NEED these shoes. But she wanted them and I didn't want to tell her no. But I knew Jeremy would give me a hard time about buying them. So I did what any smart mommy would do.
Teach her to lie.
Yes, you read that correctly.
The deal was, keep the shoes in the van and put them on before you go to school and then change before you go back home. Then after a little time has passed, you wear the shoes into the house and when the observant dad asks, "Where'd you get those shoes?" You can honestly say, "Oh, I've had them for awhile." Sounds easy enough, right? Ladies, are you taking notes?

Well this is how it actually went down:

Jeremy: where'd you get those shoes? (why, oh why, does he have to be SO observant?)
Allison: mommy bought them for me awhile back but she made me keep them in the van so you wouldn't know.

So, my dear child really is a better person than her mommy!

Delaney has also taken a liking to shoes.

Fortunately she is satisfied with wearing any old shoes she finds laying around the house.

For now!

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  1. Laughing...I remember this story, it was funny then and still is now! Delaney does love shoes, I wonder what she will do when the weather turns chilly and we put up the flip flops?! Even with all the sneakers laying in our entry way she always goes for the flip flops!