Thursday, September 10, 2009

God's little rewards

Well you all know that I'm trying to lose a little weight. And a friend of mine, Kristine, has a private weight loss blog that I've been participating in. We have weekly challenges and then also daily challenges to earn extra points. It's so much fun!! Last week the challenge was no sweets! No easy task for this sugary, sweet girl, let me tell you!

The weekend before the no sweets week, I had been at a Beth Moore simulcast and she made mention of her famous Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake. (Around here, we leave off the Texas and just enjoy ourselves some good ol' chocolate sheet cake.) So I was thinking about that chocolate sheet cake, which just so happens to be one of my FAVORITE desserts and lo and behold, here comes Monday with birthday treats in the teacher's lounge workroom. And what do you suppose was sitting on the lounge table? Why, yes. It was a chocolate sheet cake. And it was just calling out my name. But I resisted temptation that day and the rest of the week and had no sweets.
And what a stressful week it was. I sure could've used some chocolate.

Now comes the good part. The rewards part. On Monday afternoon, my next door neighbor brought over a chocolate sheet cake! Oh it was so yummy. And so needed! Then the very next day, Nate's nurse brought over another chocolate sheet cake.

So I like to think that because I was so good and resisted all the sweet temptations last week, God wanted to reward me with a little bit of chocolate. Or a whole lot of chocolate! Whatever the case, God is good!!


  1. Oh my goodness...that is a sweet surprise!!! I love that choco sheet cake myself...oh so good...especially with vanilla ice cream!!!

    You are so funn! love this post.
    Isn't it great to have friends??? and to live in our wonderful town??? How did we get so blessed?
    God is good.


  2. I'm sorry I had to leave the group. I am going to try and join it again in the spring if Kristine decides to do it again. I had a blast and lost 6 pounds, that's right Kristine, I lost another pound. I plan on keeping the water routine going and exercising when I can. That is why I dropped out, I just can't seem to get the exercise in each week that is required and it wasn't fair to my righties that I couldn't provide the points needed to beat the lefties. Hope to keep in touch with you guys and wish you luck. Keep up the good work!! You guys are doing great.