Sunday, September 13, 2009

fall pick-me-up

A few weeks ago, my friend Kristine blogged about her fall decorating. I've never been one to do much decorating (other than Christmas) because I HATE undecorating! But last weekend, I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up. And a little shopping at Hobby Lobby was just what I needed!

This is the dresser, turned buffet in my dining room. I haven't been thrilled with what I had setting on it, so maybe seasonal decor will do the trick.
I started with some fall leaf garland.
Then added two types of wire-edged ribbon.
And gold Christmas lights.

This is an old photo of the girls and me, put in a new frame.

Fall scented hand sanitzer, to ward off H1N1 this year!

New centerpiece bowl with pumpkins and gourds that were buried in my basement.

This is my pantry in the kitchen. I took down all the teacups and other items that were on top. I added more leaf garland and ribbon. And placed the ceramic pumpkin on a cake stand to give it some height.

It's amazing what a little fall decor and spicy candles will do for the soul.
Now, bring on the fall weather!!


  1. It looks so pretty Marcie!!! Great job. There's just something about those twinkle lights...they brighten the mood that is for sure. I agree...bring on the fall weather.

  2. Beautiful Marcie!! I think I'm going to have to add twinkle lights to my Fall decor...guess I need to get it out first! :-)

  3. Looks awesome sweetie!!!!!!


  4. I love Fall decorating more than Christmas. I guess because I love Fall (Winter, not so much so - when I lived in STL). I love your decorations.