Friday, September 18, 2009

happy birthday, dear hubby

Today hubby is finally as old as I am. For the next 6 months, anyway.
Yes, I'm the oldest. That's why I'm THE BOSS!! Ha!

You've come a long way, baby!!!

I didn't buy Jeremy a present this year.
He bought himself a new set of golf clubs a few months ago. And he wanted to play in a few golf tournaments this month. And since anything I buy for him, is like he paid for it himself, he'd rather just have money in the bank.
And since I've been super busy, I obliged his wishes and bought him NOTHING!!
Except this wonderful ice cream cake.
Oh, how we love a good DQ ice cream cake!!

Last night, though, I let him open up an early "present." We were already in bed and I convinced him that he shouldn't wait til morning for this gift. When he pulled the tissue paper back, he found.....our cable remote. The one that's been duct taped together.
Not what he was expecting. Or really wanted. But he got a laugh out of it.

Here's the story:
We often fight over the remote in our bedroom. Well, not exactly fight. But we bicker a little. Because whoever has control, gets to choose what we watch. So sometimes we hide the remote from each other.

Last night, while Jeremy was in the shower, I took the remote, changed the channel to what I wanted to watch, and then hid it in one of his drawers so he could find it in the morning. Then I got the brilliant idea to wrap it like it was a birthday present that he could open in the morning. When he got out of the shower, he was irritated when he couldn't find the remote. And then I started feeling guilty about the whole thing, so I convinced him to open his present. So then he's thinking what a sweet wife I am because I bought him a gift after all. And now I'm really feeling bad!! But you know the rest of the story.

Jeremy, I hope you've had a wonderful birthday! You deserve only the best!
Maybe I'll even let you choose what we watch on tv before going to sleep! Love you!!


  1. I can't believe how much Delaney looks like Jeremy!! The whole 'hiding the remote' story cracks me up!! It sounds just like Damian and I! Tell him Happy Birthday from us!!

  2. Holy Cow that picture of Jer-Bear in the high chair looks just like little Missy! That high chair is way retro, don't see them made like that anymore!