Thursday, September 24, 2009

i love bargains

Next weekend is Scott and Erika's wedding. And since I have the important role of sister of the groom, I need to look my best!

Shopping is not always my "thing." I get easily frustrated. And pretty much every dress that I like is black.
But I was determined to NOT buy another little black dress (as much as I love them).
To add to my stress, I had two teenagers shopping with me. And shopping is definitely not their "thing." Especially when we're shopping for someone other than them.

After scouring every store in the mall that might possibly carry a dress, I found one I rather liked at Von Maur.
Until I saw the price tag.
Gasp. Moving right along!!

By this point I was getting desperate and so I broke down and went to Burlington Coat Factory. I haven't been there for years. Probably because I was traumatized by its trashiness at some point in my life. (Sorry if I offend anyone)
But desperate times call for desperate measures and so I sucked it up and marched myself right into the store.
And would you believe that I found the exact same Calvin Klein dress, in my size for a fraction of the cost?!
$39.99 to be exact!!

I love the color. The length. The weight of the fabric. The neckline. The sleeves.
It's just what I was looking for!!

And to complete my ensemble, I found these shoes for a mere $9.99 at Sears (another one of my least favorite stores).

So I guess the next time I'm out shopping, I just might have to give some of those old cruddy stores that I usually pass by another try.

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