Saturday, March 27, 2010

zoo day

After almost a full week of cloudy, damp, dreary weather, we were more than ready to spend a day outside. So we headed to the zoo (and too advantage of our membership one last time).

Delaney really liked looking at the animals. We would tell her the name of the animal. Then we would ask her where that animal was and she would point. And whenever the animals were sleeping, she would put her finger to her mouth and say “shhhh.” I’m telling you, this kid would be a perfect mime!

IMG_3871 IMG_3880

IMG_3891 IMG_3883

IMG_3899 IMG_3903

IMG_3907 IMG_3894

Meercats and Prairie Dogs. Can you tell them apart?

IMG_3919 IMG_3917

Delaney was “shhhh-ing” when she saw a sleeping animal.

And can you spot the ugly ducklings baby swans? The daddy is in the water and would scare off ducks that came near.

IMG_3924 IMG_3922

Poor chimpanzee had been shaved. I think he may die of embarrassment.

Check out the anteater. Not something you see everyday.

IMG_3927 IMG_3932

IMG_3935 IMG_3934

So we left the zoo after spending 4 hours walking around (along with every other person in the Wichita area) and less than $5. Not bad for a day’s entertainment!!

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