Thursday, March 18, 2010

possibly the worst dog sitters ever

So you decide to go out of town for a few days and instead of paying to board your dog (like we do...such suckers!!) you ask a friend for a favor.

Just make sure those friends aren't Scott and Erika!

Erika's parents were supposed to dog sit for Willy. But their fence is down and so they asked Scott and Erika to help out. All was well until Scott came home from church to find that Willy had somehow escaped from the backyard. They spent the rest of the day scouring the neighborhood, searching the nearby country roads, and putting up signs looking for poor lost Willy.

So when you find a "friend" to dogsit, you may want to check references first!!

p.s. Willy was found a day later by the dog catchers. He is now safe at home with his owners. Who will be boarding him next time.


  1. Oh that is a bummer. I know some really great dogsitters in the future if you are interested!

    I missed blogging with computer is finally fixed and I am BACK!

  2. Is that nest real? such a pretty picture.