Monday, March 22, 2010

awakening 2010


I asked Allison to be a guest blogger (my first!!) and share a little about her experiences in Houston during the spring break mission trip. Thanks to everyone who supported her financially. Originally she was going to go on the summer mission trip, but she tried out and made the high school dance team and there was a conflict with dance camp. I think God had His hand in these plans!


Hello fellow bloggers, my trip was very fun and exciting. We did a lot of things that I wouldn’t have ever done if it weren’t for this trip. We went to a homeless shelter called Bread of Life. At Bread of Life we visited with the homeless and we served them after visiting with them. I met some wonderful people there who shared with me their life stories. It was pretty interesting. We were at Bread of Life for two nights. One of the days we went to the Houston Food Bank. At the Houston Food Bank we packaged beans for the homeless. It was a similar process to what my family and I did for Haiti. One of the hardest things we did was paint houses. We painted two houses in one day. They were for the less fortunate who couldn’t afford to make their house look nice. Our youth visited two unique churches. One of them was new and it was their first service they had had. The other one was very artsy. They had an artist who was painting something that had to do with the sermon. It was different but we all loved it. The most fun I had was going to a place called Kids Meals. Kids Meals is a place where they make sandwiches and then people deliver the sandwiches to the kids homes. I was lucky enough to be able to deliver them. I saw a lot of beat down houses and I felt bad for most of the kids I saw. When I looked at them all I wondered if this was the only food they were going to get that day. Then we, of course, had our free day. On our free day we spent half of it at the beach in Galveston. After having fun in the sun we went on to Kemah Boardwalk where we ate, shopped, and rode rides for the rest of the day. Just about everyday we had sack lunches then we had ethnic kind of food for dinner. For example, we had Jamaican food, soul food, Joe’s Crab Shack, pizza, different kind of sandwiches and more. Being one of the 4 middle schoolers that went on this trip I feel like I made a good bond with the older high schoolers. Overall, I learned that I shall be more grateful for what I have, because I now have a better idea of how many people out in the world don’t have what I do have. I had a wonderful experience in Houston and I hope that I can do it again sometime. 


This is a shirt I bought at the Houston Food Bank

mission  mission2

Just about everyday Katie and I enjoyed a refreshing bottle of Coca Cola.


Katie and I came up with this strategy to make the job go faster

beach Allison%20and%20Katie 

We had an awesome time in the water and playing in the sand.

 the%20park mission3



Katie and I shared a bed the first night in Houston. We slept at Creekside Church and showered at First Baptist Church of Houston.


I slept almost the whole way home.

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