Thursday, March 25, 2010


My baby boy is SEVEN!!!

Around here, kids celebrate their birthdays at school by taking treats of some sort to share with classmates. But since Nate doesn’t eat, it seems weird to take cupcakes or cookies or popsicles. So for the past few years (when he was in early childhood) I took bubbles or sidewalk chalk.

This year I made letter-shaped crayons and gave half a dozen to each child. A fun way to recycle old, broken crayons. I bought a silicon mold from Amazon. And spent hour upon hour peeling and breaking and melting and waiting for them to set and popping them out until finally I had enough. Oh, and I totally stole this idea from Meg at Whatever.


Nate even passed them out to his classmates. His teacher is so good at including him!

At home, we celebrated with family and friends. Delaney helped Nate unwrap his gifts and then we all enjoyed ice cream sundaes.

IMG_4022 IMG_4025

IMG_4026 IMG_4027

IMG_4028 IMG_4029


IMG_4032 IMG_4033

Happy Birthday, Nate!!

You are a special boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Nate!!!

    Wow Marcie...those crayon letters are just so darn crafty! You are amazing. How do you have time????