Thursday, December 31, 2009

Target, I think it's time to break up

What am I saying? Target is one of my very, very favorite places to shop! I buy my clothes there. Groceries. Make-up. Pet accessories. Furniture. Small appliances. Generic baby wipes.
But now I must bring this relationship to an end.

Why, you ask?

Because your customer service STINKS!! Namely, your return policy!

Duplicate baby shower gifts? No receipt? Out of luck. No exceptions.
We've learned our lesson. Save your receipt. Give gift receipts. Ok, we get it.
You're still way behind Wal Mart when it comes to return policies, but we understand.
Save our receipts.

For Christmas, we received not one, but two Game of Things. One from Jason and Molly. And one from Scott and Erika. Apparently, we have "game of things" written all over us.

So I took our gift receipt and one of our games back to the store. And instead of getting a refund, I'm given a gift card. Maybe I didn't want to spend my money at Target right then and there. Maybe I wanted to buy something from another store.

But no, you forced me to spend my money (or Molly and Jason's money) at your store.

So now it's over. Finished. I'm done.

Until we run out of baby wipes.
Because you really do have the best generic baby wipes around!

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  1. This is really funny...I want you to know that Walmart also has good generic baby wipes. I am totally a Wal-mart shopper though.

    Love your new profile picture...really pretty Marcie!

  2. We don't have a Target where we live. We only have Walmart. Which I guess is a good thing since I am ALWAYS returning things with no receipt!

  3. We're so glad you got the game of things....we love it! Too bad you didn't think to just hang on to that extra game and re-gift it to the Walker's for Christmas next year, you would have saved yourself the trouble and wouldn't be so darn angry at your beloved Target:)

  4. Oh no! Not Target! I love Target... But I am a "receipt saver!"

    Give Target a second chance!

  5. Marcie - I experienced the same thing at Kohls and I was pissed too. I told them they should make it more clear when people as for a gift receipt that it doesn't mean the recipient of the gift can return the gift for cash. I think it's a B.S. policy, but sounds like it's becoming the new standard.