Tuesday, December 29, 2009

four Christmases...not the movie

Christmas was a very busy day for the Bowmans!! We celebrated Christmas four times in one day.

We started out with Christmas at home with the kids.

We actually let the big girls open their present from us on Christmas Eve, after the little kids had gone to bed. This year, we decided to just give each child one present. We were finding that with all the gifts they got from us and their grandparents, it was getting just a little out of hand. And we wanted to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas. And also the importance of spending time with family.

I think the girls were slightly disappointed, knowing they were just getting one present from us. And it was actually one present for both of them to share. But when they unwrapped their gift and opened the box, they found that they each had a wrapped gift inside.

And they were all smiles when they realized they were each getting their own netbook computer.

On Christmas morning, we opened the rest of our gifts. And Santa filled the kids' stockings and left a few family gifts (sleds...perfect this year!, Wii games, a board game and movie tickets). Nate got an Ipod from Mom and Dad and Delaney got a kitchen.

Oh, and Santa also left a little candy for the kids. M&Ms are one of Delaney's favorites!
I got a new lens for my camera. See the clarity? Perfect for portraits and close-ups. And I love the blurry background effect!

Did I mention how she loves M&Ms?

After opening presents, the girls headed out to the snow. And even tried out their sled!

Then we headed to Jeremy's parents' house to celebrate with the rest of the Bowmans. We had a yummy smoked ham (great job, Shawn!!) and then headed to the basement to open more presents.

All the girls got scarves. Except Jessica. She got a roasting pan, which she wanted. But Jessica loves scarves. So I think she might have been a teeny bit envious. I better go make sure we all got home with our scarves!!

Next stop, my grandma's house.

No, they're not twins. Ha!!

Delaney loves to look out at the squirrels and birds. Oh, her great-grandpa would be so proud!

And she managed to find some more chocolate. Just what she needed, I'm sure!

We ended the evening at my parents' house. The guys went over to Scott's house and grilled steak. Yeah, it was frigid out and the streets were covered in snow. But by golly, we planned on having steak, so that's what we had!

All the kids and girls got gloves with goodies inside (lip gloss or lotion or a small toy) and the guys got flying, screaming monkeys.

My mom and dad bought a Snuggy and wrote down our families' names. Then we had a drawing and the winning family got to take home a snuggy. We won!

Check out those fancy shoes!! Molly and Jason gave those to Delaney and she couldn't have been more pleased!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent time with family. We got some really nice gifts. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas too!

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