Monday, December 14, 2009

at least we found the ghetto...revolve tour 2009

Why is it, that no matter where you are when you get lost, you always manage to find the worst part of town?

This past weekend I went to Norman, OK to The Revolve Tour with our middle and high school girls' groups from church. Our leader printed out maps with detailed directions for each of the vehicles. But then she decided to use the GPS in her vehicle, which led us astray. And that's when we discovered the ghetto in Oklahoma City. I didn't even know there was a ghetto in OKC!

We did eventually make it to our destination. Only one hour late. No biggie, really.

This picture is for you, Kristine! I thought about you as I sat in Lloyd Noble Center. (She's a Sooners fan. Or at least she's a fan of one of those OK colleges. I get them confused!)

Revolve Tour is a conference for teen girls. It's put on by Women of Faith and was just an all-around excellent event! There were a couple of bands (Group 1 Crew and Stellar Kart) and Britt Nicole sang. There was a drama team and a praise band. And Jenna Lucado (daughter of Max Lucado), Chad Eastham and Austen Gutwein were speakers.

This is Austin. He has raised a ton of money (I forget the exact amount, if they said) for World Vision through a foundation he started, Hoops of Hope. He had a great message. And Allison was able to get his autograph. She was excited about that!

Britt Nicole (she sings The Lost Get Found).

Jenna Lucado.

The cutie patootie lead singer of Stellar Kart.

Our neighbor from across the street is proudly displaying Austin's autograph. Later in the day, she managed to also get Britt Nicole's autograph. You go, girl!!!

All the lovely First Baptist ladies who went to Revolve.

These were my roomies. Such good girls!

I think the highlight of the hotel was this luggage cart. The girls were living out their "Suite Life with Zach and Cody" dream. It's amazing what excites a 13 year old girl!!

After the conference, we went to a fancy shmancy restaurant for dinner. Seven47.

The birthday girl. We surprised her with a little flaming cheesecake. See, she totally deserved those was her birthday!!

Allison ordered a yummy dessert and then got to eat it in "the lounge." Oh, the life!!

And would you believe, that even at fancy shmancy restaurants, you can get s'mores? Well you can. And you even get to roast your marshmallows right there at your table! What fun!!

Seats are already reserved for the next Revolve. Feb. 2011. At least it's in Kansas City. More familiar territory.
And I'm pretty sure I've already seen the KC ghetto!


  1. GREAT pics and thank you for my special picture! Yes, you got the right college!!!
    I have to say I was a little insulted by the title of the post when the little picture of OU popped up next to it on my dare she call OU a ghetto....then I read what happened! LOL.

    I am so glad you all had a great time. Looks like a wonderful trip and something your girls will never forget. Good Momma.

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun!