Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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This weekend, as I was standing at the gas pump, filling up my van, I watched as our local Guard Unit was escorted out of town. They followed the patriot guard (on motorcycles) in two chartered buses. I could see the soldiers, wearing their fatigues, through the windows of the bus. It was a tearful moment for me. I thought about these soldiers and their families. And how difficult it must have been to say good-bye. Less than 3 weeks before Christmas!

They are going to Afghanistan.
Please pray for our soldiers, especially those who are deployed over the holidays!

We recently hired a caregiver for Nate for Sunday mornings.
For the last year or so, Jeremy has been staying home with Nate while I take the girls to church. On occasion, we would all venture out. But invariably, Nate would need to be suctioned during the service and one of us Jeremy would have to wheel him out and take care of him.
And the other problem we faced when taking the whole gang was finding a handicap parking space. Not always easy.
So this will be a nice respite for us. We will go to the first service and then will stay for an adult Sunday School class.
Remember the cute Coach shoes Brianna got for her birthday?

I mistakenly only gave credit to Gaga for this gift. When in fact, the credit should be equally given to Papa. After all, he pays the bills. So in an effort to avoid repossession of the shoes, I'm giving credit where credit is due.

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