Wednesday, December 2, 2009

deck the halls

Christmas is my very favorite time of year!

We spent Thanksgiving weekend pulling out all the decorations from under the stairs.

We trimmed the tree.

And hung the stockings.
I splurged this year and bought Delaney a Fisher Price Nativity Set. The Christian bookstore had it marked down for the weekend, so I took advantage of their sale. I hope that it will help Delaney understand the true meaning of Christmas!
We have accumulated quite a collection of Christmas toys and books throughout the years.

I decided our home just wasn't quite complete. And the missing piece was a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. So I made one.
And don't go thinking I'm real clever.
I just copied off one that my mom made a couple of years ago. She's the clever one!!

The living room many trees do you have? Jeremy just doesn't understand why I want to have 2 trees.

And we'll finish our tour with a Christmas pickle. It's a German tradition. You hide a pickle in the tree and whoever finds it gets an extra present.
Except there won't be an extra present.
Sorry, family!

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  1. I knew you were my friend...we have the exact same nativity set! I just love the sweet little face on baby Jesus and sweet little Mary sitting there with her hand out.