Thursday, June 10, 2010

girl talk…parental guidance suggested


Ok, ladies. Let’s talk gyno visits. I had that lovely annual appointment today. And let me tell you, it is soooo much less fun than going when you’re pregnant! But a girl does what she must.

First of all, the waiting room was like a daycare center. Kids of all ages running around. I’m thinking some of those ladies should be talking to their doc about birth control! And the last thing I would do is take my toddler with me to any kind of appointment. I’m always looking for any excuse to get out of the house without kids. Even the gynecologist.

Secondly, anyone else slightly obsessed with burying their bra and undies under their clothes when they undress? I just feel weird having my unders exposed for all to see. But then I feel equally as weird about the trouble I go to to hide them. I wonder if my doctor noticed. Maybe she was wondering if I even wore a bra and underwear. Hmmmm…

And for some reason, my doctor’s office has decided to do away with gowns. Instead they gave me a “mini skirt” to wear over my boobs and a yard of fabric to put over my lap. Are hospital gowns really that expensive? I just felt very vulnerable sitting there with a couple of fabric scraps covering my lady parts waiting and wishing I had something to read.

On a positive note, I did dodge the mammogram bullet for at least another year. Yes, I’m at the age for a baseline. But I’m not about to remind my doctor of this little tidbit.


  1. This gave me a good laugh! Yes, I bury my things too. I think it is an unspoken habit of many.

    I remember one time waiting and waiting with the little gown on for my doctor and hearing him in the other room chatting away with the pharmaceutical reps about this and that and getting so angry...20 minutes! and then my phone rang and I had to go ahead and get dressed because she was sick at Mom's Day Out! Boy was I mad...the receptionist knew it and kept apologizing for the doctor...all that and I had to go back another time! geesh.

    Glad you dodged the mammo bullet. Those are NO fun at all...I actually have to go for one soon and I am not looking forward to it AT ALL.

    Well Marcie...glad we had this little

  2. Thanks for this post friend, you had me laughing out loud!! I don't know which is worse, dentist or OB-GYN!!

  3. I'm lucky that my gyno's office has a little room to change in so my clothes are hidden, but I still hide the undies. LOL They also have a drop off center for the little ones so they aren't running around. I do think that the "mini skirts" and the yard of fabric is horrendous and wonder what my dr would think if he had to hide his goods under those. :)