Friday, June 4, 2010

2 new drivers and already a casualty

Bri got her learner’s permit last December and has been taking driver’s ed this summer. She’ll be on the road next week. You locals may want that head’s up!! And Allison got her learner’s permit on Tuesday. So we’ve been doing a little practice driving (when my stress level is low enough).

Last night we started in the school parking lot near us just to get the feel of my van. We did a few loops around the parking lot before we headed out onto the streets. Then I got a little more courage and let Allison take the car all the way back home and even into the driveway! Unfortunately, a little bird didn’t get the memo to get out of the way of student drivers and Allison drove right over him as he sat in our driveway.

Poor little birdie. (I spared you the gory details of a photo.)

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