Monday, June 21, 2010

day two…back to san francisco



IMG_5148We drove back to San Francisco on Tuesday. And this time we drove up the gorgeous Pacific Coast!




We stopped at an organic fruit stand and bought the most delicious strawberries we’ve ever eaten. And we walked around the boardwalk in Santa Cruz (think of The Lost Boys!) IMG_5172

Then we arrived in San Francisco, again. The architecture is amazing to me. I love the skinny town houses. And the victorian styles. So beautiful!IMG_5173 We took (most of) a 49 mile scenic drive through San Francisco. We drove up Twin Peaks. And this is one shot of the panoramic city view. Eventually we decided to veer off track, so we didn’t drive the entire 49 miles. But we did see several highlights, including Golden Gate Park, which I failed to get pictures of.

IMG_5192 Maneuvering the streets of San Francisco were a bit tricky at times. But Jeremy handled them with ease. Must have been my expert navigation skills! Ha!

That’s Alcatraz in the distance.


Lombard Street is known as “the crookedest street”. You can see why! We drove down the steep, zig-zagging incline.


IMG_5234 Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was our little “detour” that took us off track of the scenic drive. Another novelty. But we wanted to see the giant sequoias at Muir Woods across the bay.




Just look at that big boy!! And I’m not talking about my sweet hubby!


At the end of the day, we retired to our hotel. A very nice place at Fisherman’s Wharf that I snagged for half-price through Priceline. I’ll teach you how, if you’d like!

Dinner was a bit disappointing…Gino’s Pizzas on the wharf. We needed something quick because we still had our car and parking meters charged a FORTUNE!!! We ate a late breakfast at Tom and Barbara’s and our strawberries were lunch.

It was fun to drive around the city, but in the future, I would ditch the car and learn how to use public transportation. More about that later…

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