Sunday, August 23, 2009

ace of cakes

I love to watch Ace of Cakes. Even though I hate baking, I do enjoy decorating cookies and cakes and I love to see all the cool designs they create.
One of my other favorite Food Network shows is Challenge.
Especially when they are having cake decorating challenges.

This weekend I helped Molly create a cake for a baby shower she is throwing for a co-worker on Monday.

Not your typical cake.
And it's nothing compared to something those talented pastry chefs might come up with. But I know the mom-to-be will be tickled pink!!

As we were rolling those diapers, I couldn't believe how teeny tiny the dipes were! The newborn size is for up to 10 pounds. They looked like they were for a baby doll.
I can hardly remember when Delaney was just a little peanut wearing those itty bitty unders.
Oh, they grow so fast!

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  1. We love to watch Ace of Cakes too! I know the mommy-to-be will LOVE all those diapers! I was just putting one of those itty, bitty things on Brooklyn's baby doll and thinking there is no way she was ever that tiny. Boy how time flies!