Monday, May 27, 2013

windy day fun

The weather in Kansas is anything but predictable. However, there are a couple of things about the weather you can count on. Humidity and wind. And we have had them both this weekend! What can you do outside when it’s windy, you ask? Fly a kite, of course!!

Delaney witnessed some neighborhood kids flying kites, which inspired her. She asked us to help her make a kite, to which lazy parents like us respond, “we don’t know how.” Next thing I know I’m cleaning up Elmer’s glue in the bathroom as she’s trying to glue ribbon onto a piece of copy paper with a kite drawn on it. Jeremy, being a sucker for his daughter, proceeded to take her to Walmart to buy a kite. Perhaps it was the embarrassment of watching her run around the driveway with her pitiful little kite dragging behind. No matter the reason, she was thrilled to have an actual kite to fly.

IMG_3929 IMG_3930 IMG_3942  IMG_3950

She ran up and down our street repeatedly, dodging trees.


Oops…until our neighbor’s tree won the battle. But Jeremy, being the true hero he his, thanks to his awesome vertical jump, was able to rescue the kite and she was back in business in no time.


It was a fun, impromptu way to spend our evening. And it wasn’t even on our summer list!

IMG_3961 IMG_3962

Go Angry Birds!!


And Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all who have served our wonderful country!

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