Saturday, May 25, 2013

summer is here!

Summer has finally arrived! It was a crazy spring. Busy with proms and graduations and end of the school year festivities. And the weather, quite frankly, sucked. So we are beyond excited to begin our summer vacation.

Photo 9

Here are a few things we hope to do this summer:

Photo 4  

This list was mostly for Delaney and me. The rest of the family isn’t really into “family style” summer fun. I’m sure they will be along for the ride for several of these, but it’s just not cool to plan them.

Photo 1

We checked 3D movie off our list. We saw Epic and it was really good. It was the first 3D movie for Jeremy. Photo 5

We’ve been to the Play Park a couple of times already. We have to get that one in while the weather is cool enough to tolerate being outside. Delaney is really good at finding friends to play with at the park. It makes me laugh to hear them. Some kids were chasing and playing tag and Delaney came over by me for “protection.” A little boy about her age said “I’m a knight and I’ll save you, Princess.” And off they went. Too cute!

Photo 11Photo 2   Photo 13

Gaga has some beautiful peonies. And they smell wonderful. Now we are enjoying a bouquet of fresh flowers from Gaga’s garden.

Happy summer!!

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