Sunday, May 19, 2013

happy graduation day

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Today was Bri’s high school graduation! It was a tad bit windy, as you’ll notice in the pictures! Poor Bri had to chase down her cap at one point.

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We are so proud of her! She plans to live at home and go to community college in the fall (following in her mama’s footsteps).


After graduation, we had a small party to celebrate!


cupcakes…made by this mama.


cookies…baked by gaga and decorated by me.


turkey wraps…yum!


We also had pasta salad, crackers and dip, veggies and dip and chips. I prepared all the food (with some help from my wonderful mom!)

IMG_3914 IMG_3915

orange and black sixlets…one of Bri’s very favorite candies.

IMG_3916 IMG_3917

We also had chocolate fondue…another one of Bri’s favorite things.


Now this is an idea I got from Pinterest. I used zebra duct tape to decorate the water bottles. And I froze orange and black water balloons to keep the water cool. The water balloons were somewhat of a bust…no pun intended. As they began to melt, the balloons broke. They still kept the water cool, but we just had  huge pear shaped balls of ice.


our beautiful graduate,


proud parents,


my gorgeous girls!,


proud grandparents,


and a photo bomb with Uncle Jason!!

Happy graduation day, Bri. Congrats!!!

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