Wednesday, July 11, 2012

vacation, day 4

We went to Huntington Beach on our way to Anaheim. Delaney loved the sand. She kept saying, “The sand feels amazing!”

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Allison really wanted to go to Hollywood. But Jeremy convinced her that Hollywood was actually filled with hookers and drug dealers, rather than celebrities. And her chances of seeing Miley Cyrus there were pretty slim. So in an effort to appease her, we went on a search for the Hollywood sign. Even Jeremy, a California native, didn’t know how exactly to get there. So I put it in my handy navigator on my phone and we ended up at an observation point at a park. I felt like we were close, but we weren’t finding it. We continued up the mountain road and people kept parking their cars and getting out. We weren’t exactly sure what they were looking at. Then Allison turns around and says, “Hey, it’s behind us!” Sure enough. After all that, we almost missed it!

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