Saturday, July 7, 2012

california dreamin’

We’ve been home from our lovely (albeit short) trip to California for about a week and a half. And I’m just now getting around to sorting through pictures.

Our girls were the best travelers ever!!! Technology (DVD’s, IPods, DS games, Kindles and smartphones) certainly help!


And they even managed to catch some zzzz’s!

We drove for 14 hours the first day. Then got up and drove about 8 hours the next day. This allowed us to play a game of miniature golf once we arrived in Riverside on day two.


Someone (Jeremy) couldn’t stand her improper form. She could be the next Tiger Woods, you know.

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After mini golf, we treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt. And then we crashed at our hotel. Two long days of driving about did us in!

The next day we saw Brave at the movie theater. It was a great movie. And I love how Merida (the princess) has crazy hair like Delaney!!! Maybe it will start a new fashion trend.

Then we headed back to the hotel and hung out at the pool. It was wonderful to just sit in a lounge chair and read by the pool all afternoon!


Just so you know, I didn’t approve of their use of life saving devices as pool toys. But I let it slide since we were the only ones there. And since they were leaving me alone to read my book!

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That evening we left the girls in the room and we went to Jeremy’s 20 year class reunion.


We had a nice time, but I have to share about the food situation that night.

First of all, we paid high dollar for our tickets, so I was expecting a nice dinner. We had eaten popcorn at the movie earlier in the day, so we skipped lunch and we were famished! They had an appetizer buffet with shrimp and two other unidentifiable meats. Jeremy doesn’t like seafood, so he passed on the appetizers, saving room for the delicious food that was sure to be coming. We were sitting at long tables for dinner and the servers brought out paella for groups of 4-6 to share. It had clams, oysters, mussels, calamari and shrimp. Again, Jeremy passed. I had a little rice and one of the two shrimps. It was uncomfortable sharing food with people I didn’t know. I hated to take the shrimp someone may have been eyeballing! Next they brought out vegetable paella and I ate a little of that. When they brought out a plate of 4 small desserts (flan…yuck, apple tart, bread pudding…yuck, and a tiny chocolate cake that we shared with another couple), we realized that the paella was the main course. It was weird and way overpriced. And I have no desire to eat paella again!

So that pretty much sums up our time in Riverside, CA. Now we’re home and in the second week straight of triple digits. And I’m still California dreamin’!!

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