Monday, July 16, 2012


We did Disneyland in one day. One long day. We stayed at a hotel outside the resort and ended up walking the mile (or so) to and from the park. It wasn’t bad at 7:30 in the morning. At 6:00 pm, it wasn’t so fun.

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We rode just about every ride in the park. Delaney LOVED the roller coasters. She’s such a thrill seeker! There were 2 rides she couldn’t ride because she wasn’t tall enough…Indiana Jones and Matterhorn Bobsleds.

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We also spent A LOT of time standing in line to meet characters and get their autographs.

Rapunzel had a line that was at least a 45 minute wait. I decided that was out of the question and fortunately Rapunzel was hidden away in her tower so Delaney couldn’t see her. Unfortunately, as we walked past said tower, Delaney snuck a peek through an open door and saw Rapunzel with her flowing hair. So we did what any good parent would do. We lied to her and told her Rapunzel was sick.

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We left the park around 6ish and ate dinner off site (in an attempt to save a little moolah). Then we walked that dreaded trek back to our hotel for a little rest and to get jackets for the night. We walked back to the park and stayed until it closed at midnight.


See my shoes? Everyone always says, “Don’t wear flip flops to Disney. Be sure to wear your tennis shoes!” Well I rebelled and wore my super comfy Nike flip flops. And I think I was the only family member whose feet didn’t hurt.


Here are few other Disney tips you might appreciate:

**You can download a Disney app to your phone. It lets you know wait times for rides and the locations of various characters. It was quite helpful!
**I wore a sling backpack (from Thirty-One) and kept a few snacks in it as well as a water bottle and Delaney’s autograph book. The snacks were great to hold us over while standing in line.
**Use the Fast Pass whenever you can. You can only do one at a time, but it’s a real time saver for those popular rides.
**Get to the busiest rides early. We had virtually no wait at Space Mountain because we rode it early in the morning.

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