Thursday, July 5, 2012

independence day wrap-up

We had a great 4th with lots of food, fun and a few fireworks. This year we adhered to the rule of thumb…the more money you spend on fireworks, the lower your IQ! And after working the fireworks stand last year, I’m pretty sure it’s true. In most cases anyway. This year we are Mensa level geniuses!

We ate lunch with Jeremy’s family and the kids shot off a few fireworks. Delaney is definitely a thrill seeker like her oldest sister!

002 006  010

We always follow strict safety rules when shooting fireworks…


I guess Little Missy didn’t get that memo. Running with a punk…Hmmmm…not so safe.

016 019 

I took Delaney and Bri to the Y to swim in the afternoon. We were there with the rest of the county.

Then we ate dinner at my parents’ house and stuck around to watch the city fireworks display. We did splurge on a sky lantern this year. It was pretty windy and my dad was just certain we would catch someone’s house on fire (he was just hoping it wasn’t his).


After a rocky launch (as it soared straight into a tree, flames licking the leaves, and then sunk to the street) it finally took off and we watched with trepidation as it soared safely out of the neighborhood.


It was a surprisingly gorgeous evening for July.

027 029 031

When we went home, our friends and neighbors were finishing off their stash of night-time fireworks, so we hung out before calling it a night.

I really do enjoy the 4th. We had a great time party hopping all day/evening!

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