Thursday, July 1, 2010

my fashion diva

Let me start with a little background info. We went to the zoo and of course, Delaney crashed on the way home. And when she has those little car naps, it ruins the chance of any further nap for the day. So while she was supposed to be napping, she was actually working on a wardrobe change.


She totally gets her fashion sense from me!

And if the bloomers weren’t enough, she decided she needed the perfect shoes to finish off the ensemble.

Now, before I was able to get this picture, we had a few others. And let me tell you, my little model does not love the camera!


Screaming, crying fit. Over getting her picture taken.


What, Mom? Did you say I could have some candy if I go stand by the oven and let you take my picture? Hmmm…


Ok. No problem!! Shall I say cheese?

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