Friday, January 1, 2010

a whirlwind trip to grandma's

We were supposed to travel to my grandma's in Springfield the day after Christmas. But because of all the snow, we had to cancel. (Remember, we went sledding instead).

Then on Sunday, after church, as I was talking to my mom on the phone, my dad decided the roads were clear enough to go and they would be heading to Springfield as soon as they packed. Well I had a chicken in the crock pot. Jeremy and Allison were out shopping for an I Pod Touch. Bri was still at the late service at church.

I called Jeremy and asked him if he wanted to go. And being the normally unspontaneous people we are, we decided to go for it. I had the family packed and ready to go within an hour. The crock pot was conveniently moved to the fridge. Jeremy gassed up the car on his way back home. And we headed out!!

Here's our four generation picture.
Delaney took some time warming up to grandparents she doesn't see but a couple times a year. But she would point to grandma and grandpa when asked.

We always have a lot of fun with my dad's family! We got to see 2 of his sisters that live in Springfield and one of my cousins. His other sister was stuck in Oklahoma.
Sally, Liza, Jesus and Burton, we missed you!!!

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  1. Hi, Marcie! We missed you too! I was so looking forward to visiting with everyone. (by the way - I love your blog and was going to talk to you about it - and get your secrets! at Grandma's place)
    Anyway, maybe we can all visit during the spring or summer sometime - when the weather is nice and we can take the kids somewhere.
    Talk to you soon,