Saturday, January 16, 2010

food for haiti

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the book our Sunday School class is reading. Outflow. And I told you how I wasn’t doing a very good job of pouring out God’s love to others. How my fountain may be clogged.

Well I’ve had some opportunities to get my fountain flowing again this week.

A local organization, Numana, works with The Salvation Army and packages food for school children in Haiti. They had just finished a packaging event, which was scheduled to be sent out and arrive in Haiti sometime in March. Following this week’s tragedy in Haiti, that food will be sent by Fed Ex (at no charge). And Numana had another packaging event this weekend. Their goal was to package 285,000 meals. When we left at noon (the event was scheduled to continue until 8 pm) they had packaged 410,000 meals!!

IMG_3515 The meals consist of soy, powdered vitamins, freeze dried vegetables and rice. Can you imagine if this was your only meal? How easy it is to forget how fortunate we are!



Don’t the kids look fantastic in their hair nets and aprons?

I stayed strategically behind the camera in order to avoid any such documentation.


These are some friends from church. Where’s your hair net, Chelle?

The place was packed! We saw all sorts of people we knew. I even ran into my cousin Ryan.

We had to wait in line for about 45 minutes just to help. And we were only able to work for one hour, in order to allow everyone an opportunity to participate. Wow!!

IMG_3502 IMG_3492

IMG_3493 IMG_3497

IMG_3499 IMG_3501

IMG_3516 IMG_3498 IMG_3513


The whole operation went so smoothly. It was like an assembly line. One person scooped vitamins and vegetables. Another person scooped soy. Someone else scooped rice while someone held the bag under a funnel. The bags were weighed, then made airtight and sealed (my job), stacked in piles of two and then boxed up.

There’s another packaging event next weekend. The goal is to package 1 million.

So, I guess my fountain is slowly filtering some water. We’ll see what other outflow opportunities arise.

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  1. That is great to hear!!! I am a volunteer firefighter/emt and I wish so bad that I could be over there helping with the rescue.