Thursday, January 21, 2010

checking in

Things have been busy here the past few days.

Not busy enough to blog about.

Just busy with life.


Nate is doing well after running a fever a couple of nights last week. No other symptoms. Just a fever.


Delaney likes to take her own temperature. Luckily, we don’t take it rectally!

IMG_3617 IMG_3605

Brianna took her first drive around the block. Gaga was the brave soul who dared to take the plunge. The first words out of Bri’s mouth as she sat behind the wheel: The brake is the one on the left, right?


IMG_3565 IMG_3598

Allison is cheering once or twice a week. Cheered her team to another victory this week!

I borrowed Jason’s zoom lens for a couple of weeks and was able to get some better pictures.

Fun stuff. I want my own!!

So that gets you up to speed with us. Another week is over. Where do the days go?

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