Tuesday, January 19, 2010

helping the needy

So after spending the morning packaging food for the children in Haiti, Allison and I headed to Wal*Mart to buy groceries for our own family.

As we were leaving the parking lot, I noticed a man standing outside his car, holding a sign asking for money for gas.


I know you’ve seen similar people. They are either homeless and need money for food. Or their car broke down and they need money to get where they are going. Or their car ran out of gas and they need money to fill it up.

I’m a skeptic by nature. I pretty much always expect the worst from people. I’m thinking to myself, “He must be a scam artist. He’ll probably just spend the money on alcohol or drugs.”

But then I thought, maybe he’s not. Maybe he truly just needs some money to put gas in his car. Who am I to judge? But I still didn’t really want to stop so I drove on past him.

Then I realized I had pulled into another parking lot which had no outlet, so I had to turn around and go past this man again. Maybe God was telling me something.

So I decided to pull out $2, which was all the cash I had. I pulled over to the man, rolled down my window and said, “This is all I have. God bless you.”

What do you do in these situations? Do you help? What do you say? Was I scammed?

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