Friday, July 5, 2013

another 4th in the books

We had a rather quiet and laid back 4th. Which is fine with us.

As a kid, the 4th was a HUGE holiday. Probably one of my favorites! We would spend the day with friends or family shooting fireworks, swimming, eating and shooting more fireworks. As an adult, I don’t get the same enjoyment in shooting fireworks. Maybe because of the awful mess it makes. Or because of the fear of doing damage to our property or someone else’s. Or maybe because I don’t get pleasure from watching our money blow up. (Have I turned into my dad??) The older girls like to hang out with friends and make the mess somewhere else. And Delaney is indifferent. So we enjoyed a nice BBQ and then watched the neighborhood displays along with the city display over the lake.

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Happy Birthday America!!!

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