Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Before I go on and tell you about all the other fun stuff we’ve been busy doing this summer, I need to share the rest of our vacation pictures. I need closure. Maybe you do too.

We had an amazing time in Vail, Colorado!! We spent every summer in Vail for a good part of my adolescence. I was 11 the first time I went, and I believe I was 20 (Bri was just a baby) the last time I went. We have lots of great memories. And we were able to create even more this year!

Photo 5

Photo 4

We stayed at Hobart House. It was one of the first homes built in Vail. It could’ve used a little TLC, but it worked perfectly for our family. It had 5 bedrooms and was 3 stories tall, built on the side of the mountain. I can’t say the stairs were fun to climb, but I guess that’s why Coloradoans are healthier than Kansans!

Photo 53Photo 23

Vail village

Photo 24  

How cute is this guy? They were having an art show in Vail. I would’ve loved to have this for my classroom. If only I had an extra $8000 laying around. Boo!

Photo 32 Photo 34

The Children’s Fountain was the perfect place to cool off during our mid-afternoon walks.

Photo 28 Photo 29 Photo 30      

Delaney had a blast splashing around in the fountain.

Photo 37   Photo 40

Photo 41

And then I told her she could run through it and get wet. She was shocked. And pleased.

Photo 43

And then the clouds covered the sun and the wind picked up and she was so cold in her soaking wet clothes. She told me it was all my fault. Yep, it usually is.

Photo 52Photo 42   Photo 47       

We played games in the evenings.

Photo 27

Saw beautiful gardens.

IMG_4227    IMG_4231  Photo 8IMG_4233   IMG_4236  IMG_4238 IMG_4239  IMG_4241 IMG_4242  IMG_4252 

Took tons of pictures.

IMG_4256  IMG_4261 Photo 9IMG_4263

And then it was time to go home.


Before we left Hobart House, we took this picture. It was a re-creation of a picture of the Hobart family taken many years ago. (Wish I’d taken a picture of that picture.) Let me tell you, taking a picture of 13 people is no easy task. Especially when we’re crammed into the stairwell. But we did it. And we survived 4 nights under the same roof. We have some new funny vacation stories to share. And they all pretty much revolve around Jason. Just like old times!

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