Tuesday, June 25, 2013

my summer saving grace

In my classroom I am super structured. I over plan. At home…not so much.

Delaney likes structure. She likes to know what’s going on. She’s like to be prepared. This summer chaos hasn’t done her any favors.

She gave up naps this past year. And I’ve tried to have her go to her room to play her iPod or watch a movie. But she rebels. Then I found an amazing idea on Pinterest. It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. Quiet time boxes:

Photo 1 Photo 3 Photo 4

Each day has a variety of activities. There’s a book in each box and a fine motor activity and a play activity. And the beauty of it…I used things that we already had at home!! I went around the house and gathered toys and games and activities that she had probably forgotten about. And now she’s excited about them! And I get at least 45 minutes of quiet time each day while she enjoys her Quiet Time Activity. Genius!!!

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