Friday, July 12, 2013

such a slacker

We’ve been home from our vacation to Colorado for a week and a half and I’m just now getting around to posting about it. I guess I needed an extra long post-vacation recovery. Traveling with 2 teenage girls will do that to you!

The morning we were set to go, Allison got sick. We decided to leave her at home under my mom’s care and then my parents brought her to Colorado with them a couple of days later.

Growing up, we spent many vacations in Colorado. My family has LOTS of funny vacation stories. “Chevy Chase” kind of funny. Well, one of those stories involved mini golf in Colorado Springs. I’ll probably mess up some of the details, but here goes…

My dad and brothers were playing miniature golf in Colorado Springs. Scott hit the ball too hard and it went onto the interstate. My dad had to go ask for a new ball for him. Next thing you know, he hits a ball into a water feature. Rather than going back and asking for yet another ball, my dad decided to go in and retrieve it himself. He rolled up one pant leg (apparently my mom always made everyone dress for winter when we went to Colorado), took off his shoe and sock and stepped in. This is where my details get a little foggy, but I believe somehow my dad bumped into a metal score stand and scraped his back causing him to lose his balance and then step into the water with the wrong foot…the foot with a shoe and full length pant leg. Oh family vacations…great memories!

So back to our vacation…we started the first leg of our trip in Colorado Springs. Right next to our hotel was a miniature golf park. Well, not just any mini golf park, but the infamous one from so many years ago. Of course we had to go!

Photo 1 Photo 4

Fortunately there were no mishaps during our round of golf. But then again, now there isn’t a story to tell.

The next day we went to Santa's Workshop at The North Pole. It’s at the base of Pike’s Peak. Delaney rode rides, rides and more rides!

Photo 2 Photo 3  Photo 5 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9    Photo 13 Photo 14  Photo 16 Photo 17 Photo 19

For a kid who is scare of almost everything, she sure does like fast rides!

I’m not really one for rides anymore. Rides that go around and around tend to make me queasy. And I’m scared of heights, so that pretty much eliminates the ferris wheel. But while Bri and I were sitting in the shade waiting for Jeremy and Delaney to finish their ride, the ferris wheel operator offered to take us on our own personal ferris wheel ride. No stops at the top (which is what I hate the most). So we took him up on it and he let us go around 3 times while there wasn’t anyone else around.

Photo 11

Now I can say I rode on the world’s highest ferris wheel!

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