Sunday, July 28, 2013


For the past two summers, you’ve had to endure my never-ending complaints about hot and humid weather. And no rain. But this summer, on the other hand, has been absolutely beautiful!!!

Yesterday (July 27) never got out of the 70s!! It felt like fall. Or Colorado. And it was definitely too beautiful to stay inside all day. So we made an impromptu trip to the zoo. That’s one of the great benefits of buying an annual pass!

Photo 3 Photo 10

In case you’re already feeling like de ja vu, I apologize. Like I mentioned before, we take the same poses every. single. time.

Photo 8

But this funny guy was new.

Photo 9   

And this was new!!! Delaney was terrified of the sheep earlier this summer. This was a HUGE step!!! She fed them 2 pellets at a time. That’s one way to make your fifty cents last!

Photo 18

And this little baby was new. Like 4 days new. In fact, he’s a day younger than Prince George.

Photo 21Photo 16Photo 23

The animals were pretty active. They were also enjoying the gorgeous weather!!

Photo 20     Photo 25 Photo 28 Photo 27    Photo 31   Photo 34

The orangutans may just be my favorite animals. They were climbing and swinging and having a great ol’ time!

Photo 35    Photo 42 

Another successful zoo trip! We saw every animal. Every exhibit. And she still had the energy to go to the Play Park last evening! Delaney definitely doesn’t have a shortage of energy!!

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